Is your business on the right path?

What is the right path you ask? It’s the path that feels like freedom. Here’s a little secret…your business gets to feel like freedom. You get to build a business that works for the humans that it serves. You get to bring your whole self every day and so does everyone else. You get to be unapologetically you. Sound like a dream?! It doesn’t have to.

Business gets to be different...

There’s no right or wrong way to run your business. Yes, you read that correctly - You get to do things your way! There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Here’s the deal loves, you can be wildly successful and still loathe getting out of bed in the morning. You can be making 6 or 7 figures and still feel like you have a J-O-B instead of owning a business.

I’m not saying that everyone who has achieved success is unhappy. What I am saying is that unless you are able to follow your own path even success can be unfulfilling.


Here’s what I know to be true. 

  • You can build a business that is wildly successful, how ever you define that success, and makes you wildly happy as well. You can have both.
  • You get to do that by creating for the humans in your business.

Systems that work for Humans

Amber looking to the left
Often when I talk about systems, I get blank stares.

Or the dutiful head nods that mean the other person is probably humoring me and has no idea what I’m talking about! One of my magics is understanding how things work. This magic is so natural to me that I wasn’t even really aware of it for most of my life. I mean, I did spend 6 years in the military as a mechanic but that’s a story for another day.

Think of a business like a human body.

The human body is a large organic system that works because it has all of these beautiful subsystems that support each other. A business is exactly the same thing. It’s one big system that’s made up of subsystems. Here’s the piece that often gets overlooked, all the systems are connected and are needed to create a thriving business. And just like we’ve discovered that all bodies are unique in what they need to thrive, all businesses are unique as well. The humans that interact and use the systems have different needs and desires. The type of business and type of humans that it serves will have different motivations and dreams. When it all comes together, it’s a gorgeous design that’s unique to each business.

Different Types of humans inflence the systems

Here’s the different types of humans that influence the systems in a business: you (the founder or owner), the team, and the clients. We need to look at all 3 of these areas in order to create systems that are built for humans. The #1 way that makes the systems go sideways is that we start by building systems for the client first. Usually because we are looking to make an impact and serve others. Spoiler alert: the business gets to serve you first!! This way, you are building systems that work for you and that gets to influence how the rest of the systems are designed.

Now you get to design the experience that the humans in your business have in relation to the systems. It’s designed for you, for your team, and for your clients. Everyone gets to serve and be served. This is the path to freedom.

Systems = Freedom

Freedom = Choice

Freedom is a Choice

You don’t have to do things the way everyone else does them in order to be successful. You are allowed to do things your way and still grow your business.

You can experience Freedom in your business right now.  There is no need to wait until you reach a certain level or make a certain amount of money.


These are general overviews. Because we are humans that work with humans each service is tailored to the uniqueness of the owner and the business.


VIP Magic session where we dive deep to uncover default energy and get you re-aligned to the sourced energy that you desire


1:1 coaching to design your business systems to work for humans first

vip DAY

Deep dive intensive to uncover what's not quite working and what is calling for you to change in your business